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Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), founded in 1969, is based in Ancona, but geographically dislocated on the territory of the Marche region with its branch. UNIVPM has about 17000 students and includes 5 faculties (Engineering, Sciences, Economic Sciences, Medicine and Agricultural Sciences) which permanently employ more than 500 academics and 500 technical/administration staff. Among the 12 Departments of the UNIVPM, 5 of them were ranked as “excellent” by the Italian Ministry of Research and University which transfers to UNIVPM 30 million of euro to promote research and education. The academic programmes offer 39 degree courses, 9 first and second level post-graduate diplomas, 4 specialization courses, 33 specialization schools and 9 Ph.D. schools.

UNIVPM has increased its presence at European level thanks to a high standard in research and industrial collaborations for research and development and innovation. UNIVPM attracts international talents, both students and scientists, reaching in 2017 more than 300 memoranda of understanding signed for research and didactic purposes.

In the previous European Research and Innovation Framework (FP7) and in the current one (Horizon2020) UNIVPM has secured funding for more than 115 EU projects mainly in the area of engineering and life sciences, with a total budget of over 25M€, and has coordinated over 20 projects. UNIVPM, also, hosts the regional desk of the National Agency for the European Research (APRE), a non-profit research organization which hosts the National Contact Point for H2020 funding Programme in partnership with the MIUR, Italian Ministry of Education and Research. Furthermore, as an incubator, UnivPM has already founded a Contamination Lab (C-Lab) to encourage the launch of new activities and promote the cultural contamination between students of different academic background and area of expertise. UNIVPM is actively engaged with the territory, thought the collaborations with local SMEs and the involvement of the secondary schools of the Region. The University supports the constitution of private-law bodies with the aim of entrepreneurial utilization in innovative contexts, research results, and the development of new products and services, through the creation of "academic spin-offs" by students and researchers. In addition, UNIVPM actively engages students of the secondary schools, whit a special attention to the gender issues, through scientific formative projects, direct experiences of students into labs, or the counselling service for prospective students, which helps the young pupils to find the paths more appropriate for their future.

The Information Engineering Department (DII - Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione) is structured in a number of research groups collecting researchers having homogeneous scientific interests: Engineering, Circuit Theory, Computational Intelligence, Discrete Optimization, Electrical and electronic measurements, Electromagnetism, Electronics, Knowledge Discovery and Management, Nano electronics, Operations Research, Optics and Photonics, Robotics and Mechatronics, Signal processing, Software Engineering, System and Control Theory, Technology Entrepreneurship, Telecommunications and others.

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e Scienze Matematiche) was founded in July 2011 following the merger of the former departments of Mechanics, Energetics and Mathematical Sciences. DIISM promotes excellence in most of the research sectors of interest to Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, while coordinating the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Mechanical Engineering, the Bachelor’s degree program in Management Engineering, the PhD curricula in Energy Sciences and Mechanical Engineering of the Graduate School of Engineering Sciences of Università Politecnica delle Marche.

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The project receives funding from the European Erasmus+ programme

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Strategic Partnerships for school education

ROBOPISCES_ innovative educational ROBOtics strategies for PrImary SChool ExperienceS

01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022

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