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ROBOPISCES Innovative Educational Robotics strategies for Primary School Experiences


01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022


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Partners from Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Ireland, Italy and Malta

St. Paul’s Bay Primary School

Contact Person

Name: Mr Mark Azzopardi


St. Paul’s Bay Primary School reflects a changing Malta. While back in 1956 the school was inaugurated to meet the educational needs of the children of a small fishing settlement and itssat ellite hamlets, it is now catering for the ever sprawling settlements of St. Pauls’ Bay, Bugibba and Qawra. Moreover, what was once a summer seaside resort has now changed into a popular residential area attracting people from other places all over the island. With the influx of foreign people settling in Malta, St. Paul’s Bay Primary has additionally attracted a marked proportion of students of a foreign origin. Today the school’s population has exceeded 1000 students, with students coming from 45 countries, mostly from Europe and Africa. In view of all this is therefore expected that the intake of students of St. Paul’s Bay Primary contains a marked characteristic of cultural, religious and social diversity. With this perspective in mind, the management and staff of the school are nonetheless determined to provide a pleasant learning environment where the needs of all the students are addressed.


Staff participation is effective and efficient. Teachers, KA’s and LSA’s simultaneously work on specific areas, bringing about a synergy of ideas, change and innovation.

St. Paul’s Bay Primary School is leader in the country when it comes to innovation, leadership and integration of students coming from other countries. We have come out with various policies such as the one tablet per child policy and the homework policy which then have been adopted or are being discussed at national level. We are also the school the largest amount of foreign students. Around 70% of students come from other countries from all continents. We were the first to have this reality and thus we came out with various policies and the way forward when it comes to adapting and dealing with this reality. Our school is the first school in Malta to have participated in the Miscrosoft Innovative Schools Programme and we are the only school who has been awarded the Microsoft Mentor School Status. We always seek to give our students not just the best education but also good preparation for life and the necessary skills they need to be independent and to develop their personality.



St. Paul's Bay Primary School

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