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The project receives funding from the European Erasmus+ programme


Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


Strategic Partnerships for school education


ROBOPISCES Innovative Educational Robotics strategies for Primary School Experiences


01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022


382240.5 EUR


Partners from Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Ireland, Italy and Malta

The RoboPisces project promotes a powerful transnational collaboration (Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Greece, Malta and Croatia) among international high-level academic institutions and Primary schools, triggering dedicated actions in the field of STEAM and digital skills education, incorporating innovative elements in their development and implementation by means of Educational Robotics (ER). ER creates an attractive learning environment by keeping students interested and motivated with hands-on, fun learning activities.

Teachers of primary schools can participate in training courses to become familiar with the RoboPisces technological and methodological resources, encouraging a new digital attitude in teachers and making them able to organize technological laboratories practice into regular curricular teaching.

RoboPisces aims to create a teaching and learning curriculum based on ER through a constructionist educational approach. The RoboFISH toolkit, which is developed during the project, engages primary school kids, with the purpose to enhance the learning outcomes in STEAM subjects. The RoboPisces project benefits from the considerable experience of all the partners involved in identifying, adopting, implementing and monitoring the ER curriculum for primary school education practices, helping educators to understand and improve their STEAM teaching styles and approaches to meet the emerging challenges of the science for citizens. RoboPisces intends to be in line with the EU effort to address challenges in education and training systems, contributing to the improvement of the quality and efficiency, thus boosting the achievement of the EU benchmark of under-skilled students in STEAM subjects. Moreover, by constructing and programming robots, pupils are encouraged to use their own creative ideas and solutions in their work, thus developing transversal skills like rational thinking, creativity and innovativeness.


1) Improve potential students’ achievement and engagement in STEAM and the acquisition of key skills and competences, through effective and innovative teaching, using Robotics kits and implementing innovative assessment strategies;

2) Develop transversal skills in pupils by means of Educational Robotics;

3) Introduce the marine environment thematic through the RoboFish toolkit, thus introducing students to concepts of sustainability;

4) Fostering digital competence provision cross the curricula, tailored to specific age groups;

5) Improve student’s interest, participation and motivation in order to reduce and prevent ESL;

6) Enhance primary school teachers’ skills and comprehension in the field of robotics, enabling them to implement a robotic based curriculum and enhancing their professional development;

7) Create specific assessment tools to be delivered along with lesson plans to evaluate the outcomes of lessons (learning outcomes, attitude to learning, learning motivation etc.).






The three main outputs of the RoboPisces project are: the RoboFISH toolkit, the RoboPisces curriculum, and th eTeacher Training Manual. They are available at the Erasmus+ Project Results platform, on this website and at the RoboPisces MOOC platform. All the RoboPisces resources are available under the license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Should you need more information, feel free to contact us.

Many teachers are now in contact thanks to the activities of the RoboPisces project. The community of the RoboPisces educators and friends is very important, it builds bridges and share knowledge between the different formal and informal education sectors, it raises awareness on Educational Robotics across Europe, opening the path for new initiatives aimed at reaching different pedagogical goals and facing global challenges. Come and greet us also on the Etwinning platform!

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