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ROBOPISCES Innovative Educational Robotics strategies for Primary School Experiences


01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022


382240.5 EUR


Partners from Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Ireland, Italy and Malta

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Name: Maja Sokač


Primary school Osnovna škola Tituša Brezovačkog is a public school founded in 1964 in Zagreb. School is located in the western part of Zagreb, in a growing suburb and has 998 students at the moment, from 7 till 14 years old classified into 42 grades. There are 70 teachers working in our school. We have three specialist associates (pedagogue, speech therapist and psychologist).

Students learn English and German language and we are recognized as a school with quality of extracurricular activities in STEM subjects, such as GLOBE program and Astronomy. Our school is a practicum for University students of Pedagogy, Teacher Academy, Physics and German language. The school has extensive extra-curricular activities, specially activities which are fostering knowledge of STEM subject like Astronomy, GLOBE and Abacus. There is a special program for gifted students in the STEM area. We have two ICT cabinets and two IT teachers. Students can learn IT if they like from the 5th grade (age 11) till the end of primary scholl (8th grade). From this school year our school is in ProMikro project funded by Croatian Ministry Science and Education, Institute for Development
and Innovation of Young People (IRIM) and Croatian Academic and Research Network- CARNet.

In this project, 12 year old students are learning how to use BBC micro:bit. BBC micro:bit is a pocketsized codeable computer with motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology which is given free to every 6th grade student in our school. We first got 20 pieces of micro:bit as a donation, and we use it in class whenever we can. It aims to inspire young peope to get creative with digital and develop core skills in science, technology and engineering. In practice, working with micro:bit has proved to be very successful. Simple settings on micro:bits allow children to program dice with numbers, so they basically learn trough play. By networking all the computers in the classroom, repeating the material is possible with a quiz game. Children are delighted with this kind of class and they are very interested in learning programming.


OŠ Tituša Brezovačkog

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