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ROBOPISCES Innovative Educational Robotics strategies for Primary School Experiences


01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022


382240.5 EUR


Partners from Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Ireland, Italy and Malta

IO3: the RoboPisces Educational Curriculum

The Intellectual Output 3 (IO3) is an innovative educational curriculum for teaching educational robotics and the marine environment at the primary school. It is composed of modules that focus on the topics identified in the “FISH curriculum” and it includes the respective lesson plans, learning objectives, training materials, practical activities, and assessment methods.

The curriculum is divided in two parts: the Basic curriculum and the Advanced curriculum. The Basic curriculum focuses on the fundamental notions of educational robotics. It was applied during the first year of school-based implementation of the project using the IO2 basic toolkit. The Advanced curriculum introduces students to the study of the marine environment and the Internet of Things (IoT); it was applied during the second year of the school-based implementation also using the RoboFish, a robotic kit resembling a fish developed inside the project (IO2 advanced toolkit).

The combination of robotics and environmental education represents an invaluable opportunity to present the role of robotics at the service of the environment and to convey notions of roboethics as a new way to design robots fully integrated with nature and human beings.

The assessment of students’ learning outcomes, and also the validation of the Curriculum, are fundamental aspects of the activities of IO3 because they empowers educators with a valuable method for students’ evaluation and also prove the effectiveness of introducing such curriculum into school. The curriculum aims at bringing a positive impact in schools, increasing the interest of all students towards STEAM careers and in the Blue Economy.
The curriculum is released as an Open Educational Resource (OER). Its digital presentation is available here.

All schools and teachers that are looking for a reference model to introduce educational robotics into Primary Education can download the materials from this website or contact us.

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