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The project receives funding from the European Erasmus+ programme


Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


Strategic Partnerships for school education


ROBOPISCES Innovative Educational Robotics strategies for Primary School Experiences


01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022


382240.5 EUR


Partners from Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Ireland, Italy and Malta


Università dell'Egeo

University of the Aegean

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Name: Doctor KonstantinosTsolakidis


The University of the Aegean (UAegean) was founded in 1984. It is a Network University of “academic ports of studies and research”, successfully established in 6 campuses spread across the Aegean Archipelago and offersa unique academic, natural, cultural and human environment to experience. UAegean has established strong partnerships and effective communication with several National, European and International Universities, Institutions, Organizations, Authorities and the Public. It is a strong social and economic factorand acts as Regional Innovator in the 2 Greek Regions of the Aegean Archipelago: The North Aegean and the South Aegean Region.Theplethora of UAegean’s research projects isdesigned to improve the regional Innovation Capabilities for Human Capital Development, Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer, Career Development, and Mobility of Researchers (brain-gain).

UAegean has organized and established 90 research laboratories with activities in the following research areas: ICT, Design and Interaction Design, Sustainable Development and Environment, Geography, GIS, Meteorology-Climatology, Transport & Shipping, Culture & Education, Financial, Economic and Social Sciences. The Research Unit of the University of the Aegean is the administrative and managing mechanism. The Research Unit since 1985 has implemented more than 2400 projects for a total amount of 150 million Euros.UAegean has established teleconferencing facilities in each island and Athens unit, used for administrative and academic purposes. Through these facilities it can offer Modules for short seminars and courses based on distance learning methodology. The advanced AEGEAN-NET supports online communication between University Units and the ALKAIOS Info-System financial services. The Quality Assurance Unit of the UAegean coordinates and supports the internal and external evaluation procedures through a unified quality assurance (QA) system. The QA system of the UAegean was designed to ensure and continuouslyimprove the quality of University’s and its Departments’ teaching and research work, as well as the effective operation and performance of its services. The QA system is established as an internal system of principles, criteria and regulations in accordance with the Greek law 3374/2005 for the evaluation in Greek Higher Education, the guidelines of Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (independent body overseen by the Ministry of Education) and the international good practices for evaluation.


Faculty Staff (total): 387, Administrative Staff: 297, Undergraduate Students 13.346, Postgraduate Students 2.131.
TOTAL: 15.477

Summer Schools: Committed to its mandate, the University launched, on cutting edge topics with strong interdisciplinary perspectives, the “UAegean Summer Schools” (2012-2017) in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, Environment, Science, and Business.


UAegean (School of Humanities) received in 2009, the award of “Excellence” in the use of new technologies from the European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning (UNIQUE).


The University Unit of Rhodes hosts the School of Humanities consisting of the Departments of Primary Education, Sciences of Pre-school Education & Educational Design and Mediterranean Studies. The objectives of the study program of the Dept are:

  • to offer modern, innovative and flexible studies in Science of Education, tailored to the wider
    scientific, social and business needs;
  • to cultivate in the students and future teachers the spirit of search of knowledge, collective effort and democratic behavior;
  • to contribute positively to the development of humanistic education, respect for human rights, as well as social and ecological awareness of tomorrow’s teachers and citizens.

Under this perspective the department specifically aims to:

  • help the students become carriers of improvement of social life and balanced development of their
  • cultivate a sense of individual and collective responsibility towards social problems and social inequalities;
  • foster friendship and cooperation and promote mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence of nations;
  • equip future teachers for developing self-motivation, expression of individuality and critical thinking of their students.

At the same time, the Dept aims to achieve: 

  • education and deepening in the basic concepts of all education components;
  • the foundation of the theory, through experimental consolidation in laboratories and internship in school conditions;
  • update on current issues and problems of education;
  • good preparation of the students who wish to continue their studies at postgraduate level;
  • support of internationally renowned research in collaboration with other institutions and universities;
  • training in the use of information technology and modern educational tools.

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