RoboPisces Project

The goal is to create and program a robot fish using the kit provided in order to encourage students to use their imagination and technical skills gained during the Educational Robotics training course.

– Through training courses and improving the technical background of the teachers trough the experience of the partners involved;

– By providing a tool kit, the RoboFish,  and dedicated Educational Curriculum and Teachers Training Manual.

The RoboPisces project is a collaboration among academic institutions and Primary Education schools that brings digital skills and STEAM knowledge, through Educational Robotics, in school benches in order to improve and bring students closer to the field of robotic.

innovative educational ROBOtics strategies for PrImary SChool ExperienceS

Partners from Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Ireland, Italy and Malta

Duration: start 01/09/2019                  end 31/08/2022

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